I can’t quit you Giants…

Sunsets here are pretty neat

Sunsets here are pretty neat

Sorry for the gap between posts. Until Wednesday, our trip had been nothing but travel. New York was a blur of subways, Metro-North trains, old friends, and Russian food (thank you Julia’s family). San Jose, Costa Rica was a quick one night stopover before taking the 6 hour bus ride out to Playa Tamarindo. Everything changed as we stepped off our sweaty bus onto the Tamarindo asphalt. Tamarindo was the exact opposite of San Jose. Native Costa Ricans were replaced by tourists. Nearly everyone here speaks English. The run down soda’s of San Jose were nowhere to be found, instead there was a Subway and a Burger King amongst various more expensive restaurants. San Jose’s ratty urban sprawl had been supplanted by a small beach town next to a beautiful turquoise ocean.

Even our hostel was different. We have been staying at Blue Trailz, a hostel located behind a surf shop. Almost everyone at the hostel surfs, and anyone that doesn’t, is learning. It’s a very cool place to be. There is a back patio with a bunch of tables and chairs where everyone hangs out.

Soon after arriving, we met Tom. Tom is from San Diego, but he moved to Costa Rica a few months ago and now lives about 3 miles up the road from the hostel. Even though Tom doesn’t technically work for the hostel, he is everyone’s go to guy for surfing, nightlife and food recommendations (luckily Tom told us about a couple of pretty great sodas nearby where we could get casados and gallo pinto).

On Wednesday, we did nothing. We went to the beach and swam in water that is closer in temperature to bath water than to a swimming pool. I did a little body surfing. We ate at the sodas and had a couple beers at a bar on the beach during happy hour. For the most part though, we did nothing and it was fantastic. Oh, we also met Matt Cain. Some of you might know him as Big Sugar, Big Daddy Cain, the highest paid righthander in history, Perfect Game Cain, or that Giants pitcher who has two world series rings. It was pretty cool. 2 years living in San Francisco and I meet the guy in Costa Rica. Small world. It was odd meeting him without a shirt though…

Happy Thanksgiving!





2 responses to “I can’t quit you Giants…

  1. Hi Chris and Julia

    Great to read your reports from the fun front. About 4-5 miles north of you is Flamingo Beach, where I hung out 30 years ago. I have no idea what it is like now. Used to be a sleepy spot with ex pats in busted up cars, houses tucked in the hills, and chickens scratching in the dirt. There were a few drug runners who threw parties for all to keep the locals happy. We caught lobster in the bay.

    Tamarindo had lots of – surprise! – tamarind trees. Loaded with fruit. The local ceviche used to be good. Put a little lemon and mayo on the tostada to make the ceviche “hold” and enjoy.

    Looks like life is good.

    Happy thanksgiving.


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